10 Expert Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Debt

In December 2019, the country’s credit card debt was valued at around $4.2 trillion, which is around $6,200 per household. That is a lot for an average household. But if you are careful from the start, you won’t have to worry about credit card debt. Here are expert tips to avoid credit card debt.


Fully Understand the Terms Have you ever read the terms of your credit card? If not, then do so now. When you understand your credit card, it will become easier for you to use it correctly without getting into debt that only mounts as time passes. You can ask for the current terms and conditions of your card.


Create an Emergency Fund One of the simplest tips to avoid credit card debt is to make an emergency fund. You don’t need to save loads of money at once, but saving at least $500 per month over time will help you cover unexpected expenses that come your way when you least expect them.


Pay On Time If you miss paying your credit card payment once, the amount massively  piles up as late fees will be added too. You should ensure that no matter what, you save enough so you can make the credit card payment every month.


Only Get What Is Affordable The simplest of the tips to avoid credit card debt is to get things that you can afford to buy right away. In essence, only buy things when you can pay the amount upfront and outright. You can save and then buy that item but avoid using a credit card to buy such items. Know How Much You’ve Spent You can tell when the expenses drag you towards debt. If you’ve just realize that your credit card balance is high, spend smart until you are done paying for it. Otherwise, it will push you more into debt and you want to avoid that at all costs. Pay the Entire Balance One of the pro tips to avoid credit card debt is to pay the full balance of that month. This will save you from much trouble in the future because you won’t have to worry about how much you didn’t pay in the earlier months. It will also keep you on track and save you from debt. Use Fewer Cards The more credit cards you have, the more you want to use them. This is because you know how much credit is available in each of them. When you put a cap on how many credit cards you have, you save more money. The chances of you going into debt are also lower this way. Steer Clear of Cash Advances Steering clear of cash advances is one of the best tips to avoid credit card debt. Ensure that you don’t have to use a cash advance by setting up an emergency fund and creating a budget, so that you spend right. Cash advances can get expensive quickly, and you must avoid them. Don’t Transfer Balance It is tempting to transfer your balance from one account that charges a high interest rate to another that charges less. But this strategy won’t always work, especially if you have the intention of avoiding a due date of payment. Never Lend Your Card Not lending your credit card is one of the critical tips to avoid credit card debt. Regardless of whoever shops, you are the one paying the bill at the end of the day if you lend your credit card to someone else. When you don’t lend it, you know you are completely responsible for how much you spend and on what.


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